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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm posting because I want to post my thoughts today.

Change is necessary to life. Without change there would be no progression. I am currently undergoing change in my life and

although I don't fully agree with the change, I'm trying to adapt to it. Sometimes change is hard to adapt to simply because you are

not ready for it. Sometimes you make a leap of faith and hope to God that you're doing the right thing or something that will

aid you in the future. Chances like that require (or should require) a lot of thought before making it

because you can't go backwards.

As we live and we learn, change becomes second nature and we think less and less about what we are doing. We end up taking

blind leaps and things don't always go as well as it could have gone if we had thought and planned. Recently I had a night-long

conversation with a great friend of mine (Brendyn.) If you talk to me, you'll surely know who I'm talking about. We spoke about

taking these leaps of faith and he informed me about how the experience is far greater than any payoff. I completely agreed.

You'll either be a starving artist, or someone who hates what they're doing....but you'll have money. Now this isn't

always the case of course. There are a select few who can do what they love and make

a living from it.

Many people have told me that I have an artistic/analytical mind, which is true. I

get something in my head and analyze it

along with what I think the possibly outcomes will be, and what I think the ultimate

outcome will be. It's almost as if my mind

creates a multi-verse, branching out into the different possibilities and picking

the likely one. Most of the time I'm worrying

about something that hasn't happened or won't happen.

Thanks for the chat the other day, Brendyn.