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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Day 1: I woke up, did somethings around town and prepared to be gone for a few days.

I drove out to the event and found out that parking was going to be some ridic price I can't pay. So I tried to find out who could pick me up from Venice.

I was trying to make this work because Faris/Kimmi had luggage at LAX and I would have to wait an hour and a half in order to be picked up. At this point I had been driving around LA looking for parking and was exhausted. I didn't want to do anything and was going to just go on home.

My will to do anything was shot due to the frustration and rage I had developed being constantly in traffic. I was convinced to turn back and Derek would pick me up from his place. So I drove around again looking for parking in that area and it wasn't much better than LA itself. I waited, waited waited and decided to text to find out where they were.

Hadn't left yet. Again I wanted to leave and just go home but was convinced to wait it out. Eventually I got picked up, did the quick trip to LAX and we were on our way.

I got to the event and went inside only to realize I left my phone in the car. I went back with the Valet slip to collect my phone. I could have just gone with the guy to grab it since I knew where it was but Mr Can't Speak English said to stay there. I waited over 2 hours to get my phone. I missed Audrey because apparently she was leaving as I was waiting.

Things just weren't going right for me at this point. I finally got up to the room and got situated with everything but it seemed like a recipe for disaster.

After that most of the event was awesome, my lack of a pass didn't really stop me from being with everyone else due to me being AsianGlow for some of the time. I stuck with Phil/Charles for some of the time and they brought me along for some awesometastic fun.

Day 1 ended with me passed out on Dave's floor mumbling things that were hilarious according to those around me. This was the only time I got sleep at the event.

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