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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Internet People IRL

Before Vidcon I knew who was going to be there that I really wanted to spend a lot of time with. The people I have known for years and never got an opportunity to meet were coming and I wanted to maximize my time to be with them.

Now, let me tell you something about me. I don't buy into hype that other people follow. If I hear something about someone or some group of people, I don't usually believe it until I see it myself.

That being said, I wanted to spend time with a few people I had never met but thought I knew well. One of them I had spent time with at another gathering and I thought we were pretty close.

After meeting this group, I tried to stay close to them because I knew this weekend was IT. The only time I know I'd be able to see them.

The group took off at random times, and the conversation I ended up having with them was never over 10 minutes long. When they left I was obviously not invited and I didn't see them for most of the event. It was always the group of 3. When I saw them I tried to get the attention of my "close friends" and was ignored most of the time.

Normally this won't bug me, except for the fact that before this we had a sort of bond. One where you know the other person and enjoy their company (online.)

Now there are two types of people I met. There was this one group and then the group who I will be happy to name off!

Toriano (DJTLaC) and Nikki (psush_girl) were some of the first people I ever really talked to on Toriano and I have had our ups and downs, and periods of time where we were angry at each other (over a person) and knew that our anger would not last forever. I won't get into that story, but you can check it on his blog.

We clicked almost immediately at Vidcon. They're the same people as they are online and as fun as ever. I enjoyed meeting them and hope to see them in the future.

As for the other group...I'll keep them at arm's length. Trust is big with me, I can't trust someone who say they want to spend time with me and when the opportunity presents itself they take off and do their own thing for the whole event.

They know exactly who they are. I don't think they should be ashamed of themselves, they are who they are. Just know that people notice little things like what you did at this event.

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  1. these kinds of things are very unfortunate.. i myself have gone through this MANY MANY times, with people who i thought were my friends... in the end its really about themselfs and how u make them look in front of other people. there are sooo many fake people in the world... alot that ive gotten to experience from youtube and its just terrible, to be treated that way after so many high expectations is just something you should not have to go through. now, you know a tiny bit of my situations with certain people, it all went through that same kind of progress. some seem to never care, others learn from their mistakes in the future, but its unfortunate for them now because that huge friendship you built up for them has popped because they decided to be a jerk about it.

    so now all i can say is, put that in the past with u, carry your head up high, know now for what the future will bring to you. you are twice the better person than they are, and who knows perhaps in the future something will happen to them where they will really need you and all you will do is just smile and ignore.

    Love you sammah, i hope u dont go down the youtube road ive been walking on lately. people should feel lucky to have your kind of friendship

    <3 Panda