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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I wish I lived closer

I wish I lived closer to LA. There's so much opportunity out there and I try to do as much as I can out here in the Valley but it's hard to do anything major because of the distance. Also, it would be great if Disney paid more, hah. Working 3 days a week is insane, especially since most of the shift just pays for gas.

Ever wonder why you can't do something? Some say the only thing that limits you is your imagination...But I say nay. It can be a lot more than that. Who knows...maybe I have a future in this Youtube thing. I always love to help out, but maybe someday it'll pay the bills, ha.

Soisoisoi, Later.


  1. Sammah to you I say: "keep at it!" 3 days a week for Disney would be a chance many would kill for. You've always been friendly and helpful that I know good things will come. And do keep it at with YouTube!

  2. Since when do you live in Valley???

  3. I've always lived in the Valley, just the south valley lol. Yeah you're right Michael, I think all I got goin for me is good Karma lol