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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Sleeping isn't as easy as it used to be; I can have my eyes closed and usually I'll fall asleep but recently I havn't been able to. I don't wanna get on Modern Warfare 2 again because I've been playing all day and many days. What remedies do you use to help get to sleep? I could take a hot bath...that's worked in the past...

Do it float

Many ask how I came up with the original idea for the "Do It Float" videos. Well I was at work and a man with designer glasses was holding them over the edge of the monorail (it's right above my attraction) and a fellow cast member and I were talking to him. Now many objects have fallen from the monorail line (baby bottles, pasafires, saliva, apple juice, chairs...) anyway I digress...but my fellow cast member said "Don't drop them" and he said "of of course not, these are [insert designer name here] I doubt they'd float. The idea was born then.

Don't go to Golden Coral with PhillyD

'Keep in mind I wrote this June 22nd, 2009. I just came across it and decided to post it after sitting on it trying to make it into a video.

So I started off going to my friend Sarah's party in LA (she actually lives in New Jersey but I digress) So I walk inside and go to where the party is and sit down where a concentrated amount of the people allI see someone lean back and see that it's sarah so I wave and she waves. I'm still looking around and someone behind me starts randomly bleeding I hear him say "oh dude check this out! hahaha" For some reason nobody really pays any attention to him and I turn around.
All I can remember was Sarah's dad makes everyone leave, don't know the reason but I start helping him lead people out and he grabs me and says"You stay" and I can't figure out why until my aunt comes in with the angriest face I've ever seen her with. She slaps me and drags me outwhere I see my dad, who she passes me on to, he smacks me and drags me out. Meanwhile I'm thinking "What in the heck is going on, this can'tbe real" Due to my suspention of disbelief interruption.
So I say a few things not even caring what it is, and I remember walking back to my car which is right down the street when this dude on a bike goes to grab me and I realize he was trying to stab me,so he turns around and starts to follow me and I actively start running, somehow outrunning him on a bike. I see him stop and turn around and the mofoaims a gun at me and is about to shoot so i start dancin western style trying to avoid getting shot. When I get back with my Dad and Aunt standingthere Sarah jumps in front and gets real close to my face and says "I need to talk to you" and I'm looking at my dad because in real lifehe would have said "No" and tried to say whatever he needed to say but I said "I'm busy" and she says "No I REALLY need to talk to you" so Isay okay and follow her back to the Apartment/Hotel type building. She explains to me that someone was stabbed inside and theres a lot of blood(Let me remind you, there was someone who spontaneously bled earlier) so at that point I just said "Oh no, he just started bleeding"Seriously?! I said that?! yeah, I got dumb in a segment of this dream.
Jump cut to the next dream, I'm watching PhillyD on blogtv and he calls me, so I talk to him on the phone about producers to something thatI'm involved in or something, and he says "LETS GET SOMETHING TO EAT!" and I say sure. Suddenly Hulk Hogan says "HOW ABOUT GOLDEN CORRAL?!"Now at this point I have no idea why I was in Hulk Hogan's house or how Hulf Hogan knew Phil but we were going to go to Golden Corral. So IFinish this sandwich I'm eating and after that I didn't believe anything because Phil was instantly in the room and some chick in a mermaid costumestarts singing. then as we're leaving I wake up and NEVER want to dream again.
Oh and I left out the part about Star Trek but thats a completely different story.